Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Redheaded Dominance {Southeast Idaho Family Photographer}

This week I was privileged to photograph the cutest little family! You wouldn't believe their dad is Hispanic and both his little boys are fair redheads like their mama!

First we started out in my home studio and got some great shots!

So pensive!

This was originally an outtake, but I love his little face!

 Then we sent the kiddos for a play/treat break and took pictures of mom and dad.

Finally, we headed outside with the near-worn-out boys for some fun rainy-day pictures!

 Thanks for sharing your boys with me! I loved every minute with them!

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My rate is low enough for clients on any budget, yet high enough to ensure high-quality shots. 

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  1. ah these are so great! adorable! love them :) You've got the talent!

  2. I love me some ginger!

    What great pics! Such a cute little family!