Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Always Sunny in Rexburg

I always see "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on Netflix and I wonder what that show's all about...

...anyway, as long as Ryan and Juanee have Sunny in their home, she is bound to keep Rexburg much sunnier than Philly ever was! This is the same little girl from this post...she's changed so much in her four little weeks of life!

We made sure Sunny was nice and warm the whole time with a space heater and she was happy as a clam! 

What a knock-out!

Love some cooperative baby feet, especially these manicured toesies!

This little Sunny has the sweetest could be in a magazine, complete with vintage-style decor :o)

Sweet little vintage pram, all updated to be safe and clean :o)

I love the accessories in this room!

Gotta take pictures on the little vintage baby scale! I'm telling ya, her room has it all :o)

Her eyes were WIDE the whole time...she loves the bright colors of her room!
After enjoying her room, we headed back to my studio set up for some mommy time!

Mommy wanted the heart toes picture, and I love how it turned out with her face all faded behind.

She kept putting her hands on mommy's precious! And yay for little ones making eye contact! That is my favorite!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, Henry!

Little Henry was much sweeter than the Oh Henry! candy bar!

 had a special blessing at church, and his mom and dad wanted a newborn session in his tiny white outfit. He was such a sweetheart, and so happy the whole time!

Sleep smiles!

He smiled then fell fast asleep...what an angel!

big ol' baby yawn...

So handsome :o)

I never can get enough of these new baby feet!

He started making these great faces!
So fun!
Family was just warm enough to jump outside for a few, then back in before little Henry got too cold!
Sweet faces for daddy!
So sweet!
Sweet family picture...somehow Henry got mama's light skin! They're all shocked about it :o)

Mom wanted the "rings on toes" picture, and his sweet little feet decided to cooperate!

It's a "Sunny" Day in the Neighborhood!

I was given the fantastic opportunity to attend two of our friends' birth of their first baby.

I pulled out my favorite lens, stood in a "PG Picture Zone" and snapped away!

One day I would love to get involved in birth photography. It is such an emotional, remarkable experience, and I would love to provide parents with a way to keep these memories through pictures!

They named their sweet little girl Sunny Marie, and she was worth every minute of labor!

About to become parents!

She had just done her fingers and toenails the night before...what timing!

Love the support :o)

Just waitin for a baby!

Bracing herself...

Right before Sunny was born....the hardest part....

And RIGHT after she saw her sweet baby for the first time!

watching Sunny being taken care of from a distance

Little sweetheart! I swear she came out this clean!

Proud daddy

"What is going on!?"
Fresh, new little baby toes :o)
First family picture

There is nothing like that first dose of snuggle time :o)
And Sunny needs snuggle time with daddy, too!
Kisses from dad

I can't wait to get to know you and watch you grow up, Sunny! Thanks to you and your parents for letting me be a part of this amazing experience!