Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty Little Valentine! {Southeast Idaho Infant Photographer}

This sweet little girl got a pink tutu just in time to send off some Valentine's Day cards!

I loved photographing her here; it's so fun to have mini customers repeat because I get to see them grow and develop little personalities!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Season for Yellow Ducks {Southeast Idaho Family Photographer}

Remember the fun Oregon Duck fans from this post six months ago?

They called me for another family session, and I was so excited to see how their family had grown!
Their oldest kiddo's 5th birthday was the day of the shoot, so he was a great sport and very excited. 

Their four week old was also a whopping seven months old! He looked like a completely different baby!

Ooh, their grandma was also in town...all of this makes just a perfect time for pictures!

Here are a couple favorites...or, 26 favorites:
(Hey, who can blame me? These people are adorable, and I took 810 pictures during this shoot!)

I am FIVE!! I love his little in-focus hand :o)


Some of my favorites are the candid ones :o)

Or, ya know, the ones where the baby looks happy too!

Grandma time!

One of my favorite black-and-whites

I love this was trying to get little man to look and smile, but I love that "I'll coach you to happy!" face that we all make for our little ones!

Poor little man was getting over an ear infection so he was super miserable...and yet he STILL looked and smiled!! What a good boy :o)

birthday balloons!

Future Oregon alumni, for sure!

This little guy is in the "fake smile" stage, but we got some great genuine ones!

Just the boys!

Love this one!

What a fun mother-daughter week these two had!

Thank you so much, B family! I have so much fun with you guys every time!
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