Friday, August 31, 2012

More Clients from my "Past Life"

It seems like a completely different lifetime since I've lived in the midwest. I miss it so much, and I especially miss the friends and family there! Here are some more of those friends and their sweet family!

I met this sweet mama back when I was in high school and she had just started working there. She asked some teachers if they knew of anyone who could babysit for her two daughters, the youngest being 6 months old. We quickly found out that we only lived a few blocks from each other, and our families have been friends ever since!

For some reason, uploading these on the internet has made them super grainy...ignore that, in reality they're ready to be printed at any size!

Love it!

Oh, brothers...this one cracks me up!

 Sadly, the only times this little man would sit still and smile while by himself was while he was wearing a hat!
Still makes for some cute pictures, though :o)

These guys are Detroit fans!

So grown up!

Such a goof...made for a really fun session!

This sweetheart is the six month-old baby that I used to babysit, who now goes to school and has a little brother that hadn't even been thought of when I met them!

Girls! I am just loving E's crossed legs!

After we were all done, papa here decided he wanted to do a gag shoot where the whole family was excited about family pictures and he wasn't into it at all...this is what we got :o) What a fun shoot!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Darling Little Lovebirds {Southeast Idaho Engagement Photographer}

Okay, so these two aren't engaged, but they sure make a cute example for those of you looking for an engagement photographer!

These two were so adorable, willing, and easy to work with! It is very rare that the GUY half of the pair just naturally looks like he wants to be there, but he did! This was another Midwestern shoot, set in Kansas City, and it was a hot 100 degree afternoon with about 60-70% humidity; a normal summer day in Kansas City. He was such a trooper!

Forgive the crazy amount of photos; I just couldn't choose!

She had such sweet kicks! We had to get them in some pictures to show our appreciation of her wearing them around while I made her walk all over!

Can't get enough of these genuine expressions!

Aww sweetness! I love the way they looked at each other all through the shoot!

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Shout a Funny Word! {Southeast Idaho Family Photographer}

This family of boys was so much fun! Their mama is a photographer and made this session a breeze, adjusting things about each pose along with me. We were able to do several poses and locations because it all went so quickly!

These funny boys requested that I shout "funny words" at them during the shoot to make them smile...fart, dirty diaper, potty, etc. were among the tamest words used! :o) I had so much fun!

This was a very casual, end of summer shoot, and I loved that we didn't have to beware of soiling fancy, fragile clothes!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Off to the Midwest! {Southeast Idaho Family Photographer}

This shoot was actually done in Kansas City, where my family took a trip this summer. I lined up 15 shoots to do in the 3 weeks we were in town, and this was the first one! I return every summer, about the end of July/beginning of August, so be sure to catch me next time I'm there, Kansas City-ans!

 This sweet family was so much fun to work with, and worked very hard to help their children cooperate. Parents like this make a shoot easy! Thanks, Scott family!

This was one of the only shots their little man sat still for, and it just happened that everyone else smiled too! Happy day!

You HAVE to fit in some silliness when it's over 100 degrees with 70% humidity and you're outside taking pictures for an hour!

So lovely!


I love this :o)

This is another favorite...this girly girl loves gymnastics and was showing off her skills: it just reminds me what being a kiddo is supposed to be about! Playing outside and having fun!

I LOVE how they both have their tongues out here!

Mom and dad shots are a must!

Thanks, Scott family, for all your hard work and participation! Your cd is ready to be mailed!

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