Friday, August 31, 2012

More Clients from my "Past Life"

It seems like a completely different lifetime since I've lived in the midwest. I miss it so much, and I especially miss the friends and family there! Here are some more of those friends and their sweet family!

I met this sweet mama back when I was in high school and she had just started working there. She asked some teachers if they knew of anyone who could babysit for her two daughters, the youngest being 6 months old. We quickly found out that we only lived a few blocks from each other, and our families have been friends ever since!

For some reason, uploading these on the internet has made them super grainy...ignore that, in reality they're ready to be printed at any size!

Love it!

Oh, brothers...this one cracks me up!

 Sadly, the only times this little man would sit still and smile while by himself was while he was wearing a hat!
Still makes for some cute pictures, though :o)

These guys are Detroit fans!

So grown up!

Such a goof...made for a really fun session!

This sweetheart is the six month-old baby that I used to babysit, who now goes to school and has a little brother that hadn't even been thought of when I met them!

Girls! I am just loving E's crossed legs!

After we were all done, papa here decided he wanted to do a gag shoot where the whole family was excited about family pictures and he wasn't into it at all...this is what we got :o) What a fun shoot!

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