Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Boy Blue (and a cute sister, too!)

This adorable little family called me to take their son's newborn pictures. He had to be the most relaxed, complacent, ALERT three week old ever! Usually by that age they're a bit more picky about having their pictures taken, but not this one! His cute older sister joined in the fun too!

Love some little baby toes!

Why hello, you well behaved little sweetheart, looking right into my lens!!

 Dad had to miss out on the fun, but we got some great mom+baby and mom+kids shots, just in time for Mother's Day!

This little brother is very lucky to have such a great big sister! She was so sweet and more cooperative than most 3 year olds...she loved having her pictures taken!

Like what you see?
I am affordable, professional, and convenient for your family. With young children (and especially newborns), I know it's hard to plan a trip anywhere, and a photo shoot is especially daunting! 

Never fear, I will set up my studio right in your home. My light setup will work alongside whatever your lighting situation is in your home to produce studio-quality lighting. 

I have a fast turnaround time with photo processing and editing, and of course, all the images we take are YOURS forever on a cd! This is included right in the sitting fee. In this family's case, there were 145 images for their family to have for a lifetime!

Call Alaina Dooley at (913) 232-6420 to book a shoot today!


  1. ooh how cute! Love the little elephants :)

  2. Alaina! That picture of Momma with kiddos is tooo cute. How awesome you were able to capture that!

  3. These are wonderful pictures Alaina!!! You're so talented :) I love the little boys outiftt too- John as the same one! lol