Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dream Clients {Southeast Idaho Family Photographer}

I have had a lot of amazing clients since I started this business...

...however, one of the biggest obstacles I run into is trying to find pretty, unique locations in Southeast Idaho, especially Rexburg. You either have to hike the Tetons or trespass onto someone's gorgeous farm to get a unique shot. Or, of course, have connections...

...which this family GAVE me! I believe the conversation went something like this:

"Hi, I'm interested in having you take our family pictures? We live about 10-15 minutes outside of Rexburg."

"Great! Did you have a location in mind?"

"Well, actually, we live on this gorgeous farm with a barn, lots of fences and fields, and several streams and creeks running through it."

Are you kidding!? This really never happens.

If anyone else has out there lives on gorgeous private property, let me know! You won't even have to leave your yard for family portraits!!

I had SO much fun with this family! You can see how cheerful and willing they were in every picture! Which is saying something, because my memory card was full by the end of the session, and it holds over 600 files!

It was all worth it, though, to get a cd with well over 100 finished files on it! I just keep shooting forever with little ones like this!

Enjoy this preview! Summertime is so gorgeous in SE Idaho and it doesn't last long; 
let's book some sessions!

How sweet are their matching plaids? Check out that little guy's bright baby blues!

My favorite family photo of the day

Little Miss T was so helpful with her little brother the whole time!

He wanted that hat the whole session!

Love this :o)

I know Miss T's eyes are closed, but I just love that she's hugging him so tight she closed her eyes :o) He's so content with his sister!

COLD creek water!

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  1. Love these! I especially love the dad and son ones. Something about seeing that tough ol' cowboy cuddling with his baby boy is just oh-so-sweet.