Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let Them Be Little {Southeast Idaho Family Photographer}

Every once in awhile I get a really good "let kids be kids" shoot...that's exactly what these two adorable boys provided! Their parents let them play and wiggle and explore like the boys they are, the oldest not much older than a toddler, and we'd snapped away. Their goal was a family portrait and mama's college graduation portraits. We achieved both, along with tons of really fun pictures that captures their energy and personalities! It was so much fun--and a challenge, at times--to try and be as active as a toddler. Not to mention trying to be one step ahead of these guys with a camera and the right settings for the area they were running to!

There were pools and fountains everywhere...just heaven for little boys, a bit of chaos for mom!

I love good sun-soaked portraits...I didn't even have to swap a face here; they all stopped and smiled!

Swapped 2 heads, Photoshopped out one sucker stick and one Buzz Lightyear gun. It was good practice and well worth it to get the results!

He decided to pause and pose for the camera...then was off like a rocket!

Both in school, working, and juggling 2 kids...they are my heroes!

We combined the family shoot with senior pictures for a VERY well-deserved graduation celebration!

Love it :o) Trying to convince him to stop and smell the roses wasn't in his plans, but he cooperated anyway!

Patchy sun is fun sometimes!

Thank you, K + M for helping your boys through this shoot; you guys are very hard-working parents and I could just eat up these little redheads of yours!

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